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Correspondent Corp is a communications software and media development company specialising in private network solutions. Correspondent has designed, built and patented a portfolio of internet-based products.
They are ready to install for businesses, the general public, the public sector and non-governmental organisations that seek value in close communication and co-ordination for staff, customers, prospective clients and advertisers.

A little bit of background

Correspondent Corp was founded as the development arm of the news agency European Press Network (EPN). EPN ran a global network of 1000 journalists in 83 countries. The company developed a portfolio of innovative online products for newsrooms and media companies: The latest version of our new generation newsroom management system, Deadline, has its roots in a product built for converged newsrooms and journalism schools.

Correspondent Corp currently provides technical assistance and consulting in support of our products. Bespoke solutions for corporate and NGO clients are also available, including branding, server installation and technical support. Correspondent Corp is based in West London. Our teams of dedicated professionals are drawn from the fields of programming, business, e-commerce, media, design, film, academia and journalism.

Contact us on +44 (0) 20 8962 3030